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I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but I’m not dark and burned out either. And right now, if you open up something that should be an exercise in a 3d grade math text, the GOP is even failing that. And somehow or other, I get the feeling that they don’t even know that.

OK, sing along with Murf now for a moment, follow the little bouncing ball. The whole premise of the GOP caucuses in both the House and the Senate not only tolerating, but defending and even enabling a serial liar, sexual predator con man is that they are terrified of his base.They all wear Depends because they becomd incontinent with fear at the very thought of the wrath of his base if they dare to cross swords with The Inglorious Basterd. What in the hell are they talking, and worrying about?

Donald Trump garnered a 2nd place shre of 46% in the general election. But recent polling has shown that his popularity has dropped to anywhere from 32-36%, depending on which poll you read. And worse yet, in the Trump stronghold of Alabama, his popularity is at an anemic 48%, and more people strongly disapprove of his performance than strongly approve of it. Simple math tells you that he has already shed anywhere from 10-14 points in less than one year, basically everybody who wasn’t a die hard Trombie to begin with. Any politician who thinks that he can win with 32-37% of the vote is too stupid to collect enough signature petitions to run, all of their supporters would sign with an “X”.

But the industrial strength dumbness of Republican politicians is even worse than that. Right now, the current polling on the proposed GOP tax bill is a truly horrendous 22%. And yet Republicans are bound and determined to drive off the cliff at 120 mph to pass it. But look at the numbers again. Let’s break high and say Trump’s “base” wall of maniacal support is 36%. If the tax bill popularity is 22%, simple us-your-fingers-and-toes math tells you that 14% of Trump’s greatest supporters think that the new tax plans sucks like a Hoover. 36-22=14. The GOP is ramming home a bill that 14% of the base they’re desperate to pleas absolutely despises.

Only at Trump University can you have a math class like this. Trump couldn’t even get 50% of the popular vote, he got 46%, and 10-154% of those have made a salmon spawning run upstream. So, the GOP incumbents in the GOP are desperately trying to hang onto 32% of the GOP electorate, which is smaller then the Democratic electorate to start with. But in fact, they, by trying to pass this tax bill are committing to a measly 22%of the Trump 36% pie. And yet, even with math and logic like this, they can’t understand why everybody out there is talking about a tsunami election next November. They’ve got math on their side for proof, what could go wrong?

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