Republicans scouting sites for Trump National Convention, ones that don’t do ‘social distancing’

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After the North Carolina governor was rude to Typhoid Hitler, suggesting that the Republican National Convention would have to be scaled back somewhat due to the state and nation being in the midst of a deadly international pandemic that makes it dangerous to assemble in large groups, Donald Trump had a fit. He insisted the convention be moved elsewhere, to a state that sincerely does not give a damn if a significant number of the people showing up to praise Trump’s flaccid, fascist glory end up dead weeks afterward, when he doesn’t need them anymore.

Finding such a site is proving to be a problem. Axios reports the Republican National Committee plans to tour potential sites for Trump’s demanded Nuremberg Rally—thank goodness the pandemic is over, making that safe!—but that the pickings are sparse.

The main problem is that there are few sites large enough for such a convention, next to no time left to prepare for one, and we are in the middle of a deadly worldwide pandemic, in case anyone had forgotten about that.

Axios reports that the sites include “include Jacksonville, Phoenix, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta and possibly New Orleans and Savannah,” and that a top criteria is “a mayor and governor” willing to give “flexibility” on pandemic safety measures. Trump “doesn’t want people to be standing six feet apart,” reports their source, and wants crowd “enthusiasm.” He wants these things to contrast with whatever the Democratic version turns out to be or, as it is now written in the Trump Party manuals, to Own The Libs.

One suggestion I might offer, if Trump isn’t willing to tolerate social distancing in the crowd: What if you make them stand tightly together, but provide everyone in the crowd with a Personal Protective Uniform? Seeing the entire crowd cheering wildly for Trump while outfitted in identical uniforms would be quite the television image, would it not?

The other problem, however, that Axios and its sources don’t reference, is that the Republican Party—now engaging in an orgy of paramilitary force in the nation’s capital and threatening military force elsewhere—is currently as popular in Real America as herpes-flavored ice cream and it’s not likely to improve anytime soon. The convention, wherever it is, will likely be met with protests on such a large scale that it will require another paramilitary occupation to pull off.

So the hosting mayor and governor will have to be happy with a potential repeat of Kent State during a pandemic in order to host a fascist rally that will absolutely certainly end up killing some of its own participants.

K. Well, you do you, remnants of a party who now betrays their country on a daily basis. It would represent only a small drop of the people killed by Republican incompetence and indifference in the last few months.

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Marie Tobias
*** Thank you in advance to Monty Python…*** Republican Party Rep: I like to lodge a complaint… Trump : Sorry, I’m going to lunch… Republican Party Rep: That can wait, those delegates you sent to the convention? Well they’re all dead! Trump : Aw yes, Lovely Uniforms! Republican Party Rep: Be as that may, They’re DEAD! Trump : No they’re not… they’re just resting, you know those delegates and how they party!!! Republican Party Rep: No, I’ve checked and they are DEAD! of COVID no less! Trump : No, that’s just a FAKE NEWS, they’re resting. Republican Party Rep: They… Read more »

Please dear God don’t let him come to Tx 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻