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Congressional Republicans see no need for a law prohibiting Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The reasoning seems questionable:

“Since the introduction of the two bipartisan bills, the chatter that the administration is considering removing Special Counsel Mueller has completely come to a halt,” [Sen. Thom Tillis R-NC Spokesperson] wrote in an email. “In fact, the president and his administration have spoken favorably of Special Counsel Mueller’s professionalism and integrity, and recent reports indicate the investigation may soon come to an end.”


Yes, I’m sure the talk died down solely because of the bill drawn up and not because White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign, or the fact that the more noise the White House made about firing Mueller, the more likely Congress would act.

Two bills have been drawn-up, and each has a Republican supporter, so some Republicans have demonstrated an awareness that Trump isn’t wholly trustworthy on the issue. However, it seems that most Republicans believe that Trump should be the only American able to fire the  law-enforcement officer charged with investigating him or her. The same spokesperson stated that:

the gap between the two bills “can be reconciled” but noted that “there are still two challenges moving forward: addressing the constitutionality concerns raised by some members and garnering the support needed to actually move a bill in Congress, which it currently does not have.”


This appears to be a case where learning of the need for a law in retrospect defeats the entire purpose, a point surely not lost on this congress. By acting caught up in the “constitutionality” question, Congressional Republicans get to have the best of both worlds, acting as if they feel a need to constrain the president, while leaving the matter solely in his hands. And if Congress cannot find the motivation to keep Mueller in place prior to a termination order, do not expect it to find such a termination to be an impeachable offense. Congressional Republicans appear to want to leave Trump options, “should a need to fire Mueller ever arise.”

At this point, the investigation into Trump remains in place solely at Trump’s pleasure. Apparently it doesn’t matter that there is no specific harm in taking the matter out of Trump’s hands. No harm to the country, that is.

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