The old guard Republicans are not taking well to increasing Democratic upsurge in Chesapeake, VA and have been going out of their way to make things difficult for Corrie Cring, candidate for Treasurer, and her team.

Corrie Cring and her campaign manager (John Cring), pictured above, have been handing out paper Democratic Voter Guides to early voters at the front of the Chesapeake Public Library located at 298 Cedar Road since early voting started in mid-September. David Washington, Chairman of the Chesapeake Democratic Committee, has also been texting the voter guides, pictured below, to likely Democratic voters.

Democratic Voter Guide for the 78th District in Chesapeake, VA

In retaliation, Republican poll workers immediately posted these false notices, pictured below, at the voting entrances at each early voting location. 

Republicans Posting Misleading Notices At Polling Entrances

As you can see, they do not reference an actual code, only insinuating that it exists somewhere in Code of Virginia Title 24.2 Elections. The law they are referencing § 24.2-625.2. Wireless communications at polling places is referring to the actual voting machines — NOT the voters mobile device.

There shall be no wireless communications on election day, while the polls are open, between or among voting machines within the polling place or between any voting machine within the polling place and any equipment outside the polling place. For purposes of this section, the term wireless communication shall mean the ability to transfer information via electromagnetic waves without the use of electrical conductors.

In § 24.2-604. Polling places; prohibited activities; prohibited area; penalties you can see the poll workers are required to not only mark where the voting entrance is but that they are also required to post this law at the voting entrance which can be seen below.

Voting Entrance at Chesapeake Public Library at 298 Cedar Rd., Chesapeake, VA 

Corrie Cring and her team usually position themselves 10’ away from the entrance to the library. This would put them at a total of 130’ from the voting entrance when only 40’ is required. This was until a poll worker by the name of “Amanda,” pictured below in blue denim, who claimed to be the Polling Director, demanded Cring and her team move 40’ away from the entrance to the Library itself and would have placed them at a staggering 160’ from the voting entrance. Amanda threatened to call the police to have Cring’s team removed if they didn’t follow her orders. Corrie Cring, who is a strong advocate for voting rights, refused to move from the approved location. Shortly after “Amanda” left, Greg, who the Cring’s had been in contact with, said that he was in fact the Polling Director for the location and that he had no idea who “Amanda” was. Police officers never arrived on scene. 

Photo of “Amanda,” (left) who claimed to be the Polling Director at the Chesapeake Public Library.

Corrie Cring, who is running for Treasurer in Chesapeake, VA, stated that she will not stop fighting for voter rights, and to get herself and other Dems elected. Any donation to Corrie Cring’s campaign would not only be an effort to get Cring elected but would support her efforts in reducing voter suppression.

To help you visualize, here is a YouTube video showing the 120’ walk from the voting entrance to the front of the library.

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