So it seems the old guard Republicans still think they run Chesapeake, VA and all the polling places.  Yesterday I went to hand out Democrat ballots at Greenbrier library, one of our many early voting places.  I’m a Dem candidate for state delegate.  Lor, if they didn’t give me hell over there!  First off- library elections official tells me I need to stand behind a marker a good eighty feet from the door. (more photos on my FBpage.)  The rule is 40.  When I tell them that’s too far, and try to sit closer, they call the elections official on me.  I sat on the other side, in the shade, at least 40 feet away.  in the time it took her to come, the former Chesapeake Republican committee chair pulled up.  He has mobility issues and is elderly so I offered to get the elections folks to bring him a ballot.  Nope.  His wife comes over- is totally nasty to me – wants to talk about killing babies.  He comes back after voting- he’s really vile to me as well.  

Then the elections official drives up.  She has a Youngkin sticker on her car.  It’s clear she and Republican  chair are great old friends. The library people come out.  Old guy and wife leave.  We measure it out.  Turns out I was sitting 46 feet from the door when they finally find the tape measure I asked them for two hours prior.  I get to move up and don’t have to yell at people as loud!  I made them mark the spot y’all.  

I’m Melanie Cornelisse, running for Delegate in HD78, and I won’t quit fighting for voter rights and to get Dems elected.  They are trying us but we will never stop.  I would welcome any donation you can afford to keep my campaign going- the printers are very proud of their yard signs and handbills and my pockets are empty.  Thank you! 

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