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Lab leak theory? It’s quite possible. Can’t trust the Chinese government to tell us the truth about anything, least of all the nature of their coronavirus research or any accidents involving it.

But you know who could have been in the best possible position to inform the US about it many months ahead of the pandemic? The China-embedded CDC epidemiologist who was fired by the Trump administration in July, 2019, that’s who. I’m referring to Dr. Linda Quick, the only person on the ground in China for the US working in this capacity at all. And she was never replaced — ever. Her position was eliminated as collateral damage during Trump’s trade war with China.

Do you remember Rand Paul or Tom Cotton or any other Trump water carrier protesting Quick’s firing at the time — or at any other time? I sure as hell don’t. 

So Trump, knowing that China couldn’t be trusted on anything, apparently seemed to trust them just enough not to have anyone keep tabs on their virus research. And the GOP seemed to have no problems with this, either.

Maybe it’s time to remind the American public about all this, eh? Especially just before the next campaign cycle.

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