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The Politico piece today There’s no plan: Congress skips town as shutdown nears highlights a subtle, but important, point. Notwithstanding the both-sides nonsense of the subtitle, the lame-duck Republican House has adjourned.

They have adjourned without funding the Government. This guarantees that Trump gets his shutdown, the Trump Shutdown, the mantle of which he heartily agreed to wear during his disastrous meeting with Nancy & Chuck. Trump is shutting down the Government, and House Republicans are providing no fig leaf to obscure it. All the weight and responsibility for the shutdown is on him, alone.

They have adjourned without supplying any funds for Trump’s Wall, in direct contradiction to Trump’s assertion in the meeting that he could easily get that funding from the House. No longer: Trump now must deal with Nancy for anything he wants from Congress. That’s not going to be even remotely easy.

It wasn’t so long ago, was it, when Devin Nunes was running from Oversight to the White House to protect Don Trump? When the Freedom Caucus had Trump’s back for all of his “populist” boondoggles? No longer.

Why? What changed?

Take a look at that photo. I believe the word is shellacked. Politico is also reporting that after 8 years in the majority, Republicans are not prepared for negotiating from the minority. They’re going to hate it, and several Republican strategists are expecting more retirements in the 2020 season.

What led to the shellacking? Individual 1, and his antics were vehemently opposed by mid-term voters in an essential referendum on him. House Republicans know this. They also know that Trump did nothing, whatsoever, to help them save their majority, before or during the election.

We know all this. Here’s what we hadn’t seen previously: Republicans leaving Trump to himself, giving him no aid, failing to abet his behavior. This is the first of the long knives; it will not be the last.


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