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They are finally coming to their senses

Caren WhiteFollowFeb 7 · 3 min read

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Former Rep. Charlie Dent revealed in an interview with CNN that he and other Republicans have been in discussions whether to form a new party or a new faction after four years of Trumpism.


The Republican Party is finally coming to its senses. There is no way that it can remain a viable political party while being run by a demented old man and his lunatic followers.

Have you heard the latest from QAnon? One theory being floated is that Trump is still president and living in the White House while executing members of the Deep State. The posts even have photoshopped images showing the White House with gallows set up in front and bodies hanging from them.

Then there is another theory that Trump will be sworn in as president on March 4 which was the original inauguration date before it was changed in 1933 with the passage of the 20th amendment. The Trump International Hotel has raised its room rates to $1,331 per night for the nights of March 3 & 4.

We should also note that Trump’s hotel hiked its rates to $8,000 per night for the nights of January 5 & 6, during the insurrection.

Still think that Trump had nothing to do with the insurrection?

This is how far down the rabbit hole that the Republican Party under Trump has fallen.

Thank goodness people are starting to see the light. According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, 56% of Americans think that the Senate should convict Trump next week and then bar him from holding office again. 43% says he should not be convicted.

This is a big turn-around from his first impeachment trial. In January 2020, an ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed that 47% of Americans thought that Trump should be convicted and removed from office while 49% said he should not be convicted and removed from office.

And now we have news that Republicans are considering forming a new party to disassociate themselves from the Trump circus.

I think that they should form a new party with a new name. The name “Republican” has become tainted, forever associated with Trump and Trumpism. How about POL, Party of Lincoln?

And if Trump follows through on his threat of forming a new “Patriot Party”, then Republicans should still rename their party. They need to completely disassociate themselves from Trump and Trumpism.

They wouldn’t have any trouble attracting members. Supposedly tens of thousands of former GOP members left the party after the insurrection. The big question would be what to do about people like Mitch McConnell who supported Trump while in office so that he could get conservative judges and Supreme Court justices appointed and then turned on Trump after the insurrection.

Only to vote against impeaching him. Make up your mind, Mitch. You can’t have it both ways.

I wonder if there will be some kind of disloyalty test? You know like having to prove that you never really supported Trump, just paid lip service in order to keep your office.

Nah, they will welcome anyone and everyone who wants to rejoin the rest of the civilized world.

This is a very exciting development and one that I will be watching closely. It’s not healthy for a nation to have only two major parties, one of which is bent on destroying anyone who disagrees with their Dear Leader.

A two party system only works if both parties are rational and functional. Here’s hoping that Republicans can disengage from Trump and get back on course.


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