Republican Voters Against Trump Airs COVID-19 Ad In Arizona While Pence Reschedules Trip Due To Secret Service Getting Virus


A day late and a dollar short doesn’t even begin to describe Donald Trump’s massively stupid and ineffectual response to the coronavirus pandemic. 128,000 Americans are dead, and today was another record breaking day of cases reported, more than 50,000 today, according to the New York Times. The Times notes that this is the sixth time in nine days that a record has been broken.

Mike Pence had planned to travel to red state Arizona on Thursday but had to reschedule to Wednesday and change his itinerary because Secret Service agents were falling ill due to the coronavirus. Washington Post:

The Secret Service needed time to bring in healthy agents and other personnel to replace the ones who were either sick or most likely sick, one of the officials said. The official said the Secret Service estimated that a total of eight to 10 agents and other officers from sister agencies — all of whom were helping prepare for Pence’s visit to Arizona — had fallen ill.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Secret Service agents preparing for a White House or Trump campaign event outside of Washington have contracted the virus. At least three Secret Service personnel working on the advance team for President Trump’s Tulsa rally on June 20 tested positive for covid-19. Two agents tested positive hours before the indoor stadium event was held and dozens of agents who were on site for the rally were ordered to self-quarantine when they arrived home.

Against this embarrassing backdrop, totally of Donald Trump’s creation, because he repressed information about the virus early on, when it could have been stopped much more easily than now, Republican Voters Against Trump are airing this ad in Arizona.

Let’s see Trump and Martha McSally explain this one away.

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