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At a candidate forum in Rochester, Minnesota this past Monday, a state representative running for re-election literally grabbed the shared microphone out of the hands of his female opponent, drawing audible gasps from the audience.  State Rep Duane Quam (R-Of Course) was participating in a forum sponsored by the local chapter of the League of Women Voters with his opponent, Jamie Mahlberg. 

Because they were sharing a hand-held microphone, the two had been trading the mic back and forth as they each answered questions.  Rep. Quam wanted to offer a rebuttal to a comment by Ms. Mahlberg, but instead of waiting patiently for his turn with the mic, he nabbed it right out of her hands, eliciting quite the reaction from her and audience members.

When it came time to give it back, she was having none of it and he ended up flipping it back on the table in front of her.  He later claimed it was because he was jittery about offering his take on the question.  Uh huh…

Their state legislative seat, situated in and around Rochester, is considered a winnable seat by state DFL party leaders.  Mahlberg is one of many strong women candidates running in those races.  And this is what she is dealing with.

Ladies and gentleman, your Modern Republican Men at their finest.


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    • From what I’ve read those voting for him have cognitive disorders, they need to go get a mental exam/treatment before voting. Oh, wait a minute, they probably dont have health insurance or it doesn’t cover it. No wonder Trump is dragging his feet and every other body part on health insurance for all!


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