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Republicans seem to have a lot of information about space aliens. Ben Carson opines that extraterrestrials built the pyramids and Ronald Reagan famously spoke to the United Nations about an “outside universal threat” being needed to help people realize the common bonds of humanity. Reagan later spoke about alien invasion at the Fallston UN and National Strategy meeting, so this was a favorite theme of his. Carrying the banner of intergalactic goodwill in the fine Republican tradition, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) said today that congress is looking less than admirable in its budget talks and that our relationships with our alien neighbors are being adversely affected thereby.  RawStory:

Considering the fact that radio and teevee broadcasts may take hundreds or thousands of years to reach different points in outer space, this episode in our history may be disgracing us for some time to come. Maybe the aliens caught Jerry Springer’s remark in fall of 2016, “Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.” Off world intelligences would probably agree with Springer, even as we do. 

If you missed Reagan’s share on this topic back in the day, here it is.

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