Everett Stern is certainly not a household name, but he may about to be.  He is a Republican candidate for Senate in 2022 in Pennsylvania.  A long time whistleblower he is responsible for blowing the lid in the 2010 HSBC money laundering scandal for Middle East terrorists, resulting in a nearly $2 billion fine against HSBC.  He subsequently established Tactical Rabbit, a company dedicated to exposing wrongdoing by financial companies and corporations that has had several notable successes.  He is now running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania.    

This weekend Stern held an amazing news conference making blockbuster allegations against Michael Flynn and Houston billionaire Al Hartman.  In a nutshell, he claims an organization run by Flynn, and funded by Hartman, is attempting to gather information on members of Congress, and judges, to “extort” (his word) them into supporting “audits” aimed at overturning the 2020 Presidential election.  He also claims this group explicitly endorses “domestic terrorism” (again his words) to achieve these goals. You can view Stern’s full press conference here. 

Stern describes an organization called “Patriot Caucus” run by Flynn and funded by Hartman.  The foundation for this organization is that Biden now runs an America that is a “terrorist state” and that Biden is not the legitimate President.  The objective of the organization is to reverse the election results by state audits arranged to achieve that result.

Stern claims that on April 26th he was approached by representatives of Patriot Caucus after he gave a speech at a Republican event.  The representatives wanted to hire Tactical Rabbit to gather intelligence to extort members of Congress, and judges, to support audits aimed at overturning the election.  The representatives told Stern they were recruiting domestic and foreign intelligence officers to acquire this intelligence.

The foreign part of that particularly triggered Stern to report the matter to federal law enforcement.  However, he also decided to “play along with them” to find out more about what they were planning.  This playing along included giving a speech as a test that, if passed, would result in his getting the names of the targets of Patriot Caucus effort.  He passed that test by giving a speech saying things he did not believe.

After the speech a Patriot Caucus operative, in full battle gear, advised Stern that the targets were Republican Senator Pat Toomey (one of six Republicans who voted to convict Trump in the second impeachment) and Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (a former FBI agent who was one of only 35 Republicans voting in favor of the January 6 Committee).

Fitzpatrick was described as the #1 target because, for some reason, Flynn had a particular issue with him.  In discussions about Fitzpatrick the Patriot Caucus operative told Stern that:

“we will accomplish this mission even if we have to use domestic terrorism.”

Stern is emphatic that the exact words, “domestic terrorism,” were actually said.  

A private meeting was set up by Hartman for Flynn and Stern to meet in the Omni Hotel in Dallas.  By then Stern was also being told that “paramilitary operations” were being set up in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Virginia.  Stern says he does not know what the nature of those were.  On advice of counsel Stern cancelled that meeting at the last minute and has since completely distanced himself from the Patriot Caucus.

Stern also states that he advised the Pennsylvania GOP and was assured they would warn Toomey and Fitzpatrick, but that he later found they had not done so.

In June Flynn suggested a Myanmar style violent military coup might be in order to restore Trump to power.  Perhaps he has been working towards that end.

Stern begins his talk by saying “democracy is in absolute danger” and that he believes Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani are all “committing treason.”  If what he says is true he could be right.  He claims he has text messages and emails to back up his claims and that he has given his information to federal law enforcement.  

Will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.  

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