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A Republican Operative appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show where he lambasted his party and all but call for its destruction.

Republican Operative Max Boot calls out his party

Lawrence O’Donnell asked Max Boot for a characterization of Roy Moore’s statement that America was greatest during slavery times.

“I mean, you can’t make this stuff up Lawrence,” Max Boot said. “Roy Moore is like a caricature of this backwoods bigot. He’s like this modern-day Elmer Gantry who is a massive hypocrite, predator, bigot. I mean every vile characteristic that any human being could have, Roy Moore seems to combine them in one form. And for anybody who thought that the Republican Party couldn’t go any lower than Donald Trump then Roy Moore is a refutation of that belief –because they are going lower. And frankly, I think they can go lower still. There is absolutely no bottom in their descent into the moral darkness.”

Then Max Boot all but called for an end to the Republican Party and the establishment of a center-right party.

“And that’s why I think, and I say this, having been a lifelong Republican,” said Boot. “I think the Republican Party cannot cease to exist in its present form. We need a new center-right party because it’s not just Donald Trump, it’s not just Roy Moore it’s not just people who support them, it’s all the people who are kind of holding their noses and going along with it because in the name of party loyalty. Well, I’m sorry there is no party that can command want to support a child molester that is, it’s unethical, it’s immoral, it’s just so flagrantly wrong. And again the party that supports this guy can no longer exist. I mean this is, it’s just so offensive so obscene. There are no words to describe this.”

The string of Conservative Republicans growing spines continues to grow. Yes, many have been critical before. But the level of criticism is increasing. New York Times Conservative columnist David Brooks recently wrote a stinging article about a rotting Republican Party. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele slammed the party and admonished the people of Alabama. Republican Operative Doug Heye said he could not look any minority in the eye and tell them to vote for the GOP. The split is growing.

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