Boehner and Ryan are the new dynamic duo opposing Trump

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The old guard of the Republican Party are continuing their war against Trump. John Boehner has joined Paul Ryan in backing Liz Cheney in her re-election campaign to retain her seat in the House representing Wyoming.

As you may recall, Trump has sworn to unseat every Congressmen and every senator who voted to impeach or convict him and replace them with his own hand-picked MAGA candidates. He has been especially incensed about Liz Cheney.

Representative Cheney not only had the audacity to vote to impeach Trump and continue to speak out against him, but she is also female.

Remember, Trump is still living in the 50s. Uppity women, especially uppity women who criticize him have no place in his world. While in the White House, he surrounded himself with attractive young women in tight dresses and 4 inch stilettos who dutifully parroted what they were told to say.

And never, ever criticized him.

Trump seemed to forget that he was no longer working at a privately held company, The Trump Organization, where he had a very strict dress code for women. Only dresses and his favorite stilettos, no pants.

Did you notice that when they flew to Florida on the day that Biden was inaugurated, that Melania stepped off the plane in a caftan and flats? I would love to have heard that conversation, wouldn’t you?

Needless to say, Liz Cheney doesn’t fit Trump’s mold of the ideal female. Especially the no criticism part. So she has a very large target on her back.

In March, Paul Ryan, former speaker of the House and former vice-presidential candidate attended a fundraiser for her in Virginia. Now John Boehner, former speaker of the House, is publicly supporting her.

Both are heavyweights in the Republican Party. It looks like they are also members of the breakaway group of Republicans opposing Trump. During the meeting in February where strategy was discussed, it was decided that the splinter group would endorse center-right candidates.

So far, Boehner and Ryan have publicly backed two candidates, Liz Cheney, and Anthony Gonzalez who voted to impeach Trump and is being opposed by a Trump candidate. Both are moderate Republicans and both are strenuously opposed by Trump.

On a side note, the Trump clown car has produced a recent circus act in the person of Matt Gaetz who has a taste for young girls. What is it with these conservative guys? After getting all holier than thou on us, it always seems to come out that they are closeted homosexuals or pedophiles or serial killers.

Okay, not serial killers, but you know what I mean. It’s gotten to the point that when one of these guys enters stage right waving a Bible or a gun, I immediately start trying to guess which depravity he is guilty of.

Gaetz is a Representative from sunny Florida who made the 2,000 mile trek to chilly Wyoming specifically to campaign against Cheney. He is a Trump sycophant who felt called to defend his Lord and Master against her.

My first impression was drug addict or alcoholic, but it turned out that he was just your garden variety pedophile. Honestly, they seem to be a dime a dozen in the Republican Party these days.

And yet, they keep getting elected.

Cheney was publicly censured by her state party for her vote to impeach Trump but in private, sentiment seems to be quite different, at least among her House colleagues. She is the House Republican Conference Chair, the third ranking leadership position. After her vote to impeach, a closed door meeting was held to remove her from her leadership position.

She retained her position with a secret ballot, 145–61, which should tell you everything you need to know about how Republicans feel about Trump. Except they won’t say so publicly because they fear the wrath of Trump and his base.

Boehner and Ryan hold no office and (as far as I know) have no plans to run for office, so they can take positions that elected Republicans who want to hold on to their jobs cannot. Who is next for them to throw their weight (and influence) behind? And how will voters respond?

I don’t think that I’ve ever been this riveted by midterm elections.

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