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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Republican Senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse recently confronted Donald Trump for attacking the First Amendment.

Social media reviews were mixed, the worst accusing Sasse of grandstanding, the most positive begging him to say and do more.

Then Fox’s Laura Ingraham did the expected snide debunk of the New York Times interview of Bob Corker, “the old establishment GOP senator making a comment questioning the poise, judgement, and the knowledge of Donald Trump. It’s like clockwork, it’s a hit job, it was done to amplify Corker and again plant seeds in the mind of the American public that we have a president that isn’t really tethered to reality, that doesn’t really know what’s going on.”

McCallum: “When you talk about the barricades, MSNBC is on there, the Washington Post is on there and you and I know that this is not going to change because there’s always going to be someone in that room that will say that he [Trump] doesn’t get it.”

Ingraham: The leaks that have plagued this administration…you should be able to go into a meeting and ask questions. He can’t trust the people in the room.”

The foregoing states as clearly as anything how this administration fosters an Us v. Them mentality, and the press is “them” clearly untrustworthy, and along with the establishment GOP out to persecute the Fox Viewer In Chief president of the United States.

Now nothing from Fox News is complete without its chief propagandist lead anchor Sean Hannity chiming in — and he went for Sasse’s throat, personally.

Ben Sasse just committed heresy, he told the truth about Trump attempting to censor news he dislikes.

If you’d like to see some actual photojournalism, and both sides, Trump’s and the empirical truth’s, take a look at what the Washington Post released yesterday. Trump and his cadre of paid shills are creating this both sides insanity, the real press is just trying to keep up with it. Trump and his Fox mouthpiece want nothing more than to create an Orwellian world for the rest of us to live in which is of their design and not grounded in the real world at all. That’s the environment in which their survival is optimally suited.

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