Reporter finally asks Trump the question we’ve been wondering about for years

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Like clockwork, Donald Trump has determined that John Bolton is a wacko.

That’s what happens when you challenge Kaiser Cray-Cray. You get a dose of whatever medicine he snorted this morning.

Of course, Donald Trump hires only the best people. Ask anyone. Anyone other than Trump, of course.

Which raises a profound and pressing question (second tweet):

REPORTER: “Why do you keep hiring people that you believe are wackos and liars?”

Uh, because he sees a lot of himself in them?

And why did Trump keep a crazy, incompetent person around for so long?

If I were the head of the White House HR department, I’d want to review my hiring practices, because it sure looks like a lot of crazy and dishonest people are getting through the vetting process.

Unless … maybe it’s the guy who’s hiring them who’s the crazy one?

I know. Crazy thought.


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3 Comments on "Reporter finally asks Trump the question we’ve been wondering about for years"

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Asking the question only takes access and a working mouth, hell you don’t even need that – A recording of the question and a finger to play the sound bite will do. Write another piece when somebody gets a straight answer on that from president Mushmouth

Paul Caddenhead
Paul Caddenhead

Campaign-Trump said that he would hire the “best people.” Like the “best people” would be willing to kiss his sorry ass!? How likely is that, considering that he can only choose from the class of Republicans? If you chose the best people, without regard to party, wouldn’t you wind up with a mixed group? And, if you chose the worst… ? Isn’t there a chance that the best people would not declare a party affiliation? After all, it’s a really stupid game… Isn’t it? Do you get that?

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Trump hires these people because he’s the real “WACKO “.
And everyone knows it by now , but his party hopes to get
him out of office without (too much ), damage.
News for them , he’s destroyed them as a party
they are (zombies , walking dead ) untrustworthy
for the memory of most living voters today.
He’s supplanted Hoover as the