Reporter asks press sec: If it’s safe to go back to school, why couldn’t Manafort stay in prison?

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Because he’s the angel of death, Donald Trump is pressuring schools to reopen in the face of the glowing Skeletor skull that is coronavirus. Just yesterday, Betsy DeVos, the administration’s education something-something, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the administration is “very seriously” looking at withholding federal funds from schools that refuse to reopen.

And Trump, of course, has a raging death boner for our most vulnerable citizens, because disgruntled employees often fantasize about burning down their workplace on their last day. They just rarely get around to doing it.

But, hey, this is Trump we’re talking about.

Meanwhile, it was considered a matter of some urgency to spring Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer, out of prison so they wouldn’t be subjected to the deadly virus.

It’s clear where this is going, huh?

The question is a good one.

Why, indeed?

Kayleigh McEnany has no answer to this question … because there is no acceptable answer. So the newly minted Mouth of Sauron will punt, I’m sure.

Then again, Paul Manafort, who I assume is what nicotine breath would look like if it were able to assume human form, is a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. Your kid is just a stupid child.

Now get back to work. And school. And the ball pit at McDonald’s.

Donald Trump’s America is perfectly NORMAL, y’all! Stop trying to embarrass our pr*sident by staying in your room and wearing nerdy masks and shit.

MAGA, baby! I am not yet tired of #winning.


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4 Comments on "Reporter asks press sec: If it’s safe to go back to school, why couldn’t Manafort stay in prison?"

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Mcenany is probably the stupidest person working in the the white house. Maybe not she can read and write. I guess that puts her ahead of our corrupt president.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

YA , she says, she’s a graduate of Harvard
but if she is , it’s a stain on the reputation
of Harvard about how this “Twit “was ever
able to go to Harvard ?
Maybe she used (Trumps way ), of paying
someone to take exams for her .
She spends all her time sucking up the
oxygen in the room , so the press can’t
ask questions.
And , how does she know what questions will
be asked, because she constantly looks at
her (notes ledgers ), before answering any
Does the press give her their questions in
advance , before they meet ? Because
everything “seems so scripted“?


This is looking like a Monty Python animation… Kayleigh is Mark Meadow’s sock puppet, Mark is Donald’s sock puppet, and Donald is Putin’s sock puppet… I wonder who has their hand in Putin’s ass to make the mouth move… Holly Cow, this is all an evil plan begot by John Cleese!!!

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
It seems to me if Trump Threaten’s to withhold revenue money for schools , Governor’s should warn the administration they will Order the citizens , to withhold any federal income tax’s paid by citizens of those state that actually pay into the government, Ca, New York , New Jersey, Washington , And all the blue states , where the real big money comes from , and should threaten Trump they will order their citizens NOT to pay any income tax until the federal government restores the money for education. And we will see a “another crisis “created by Trump’s Government!… Read more »