In a Saturday post on her blog patribotics, Louise Mensch, the British journalist Louise Mensch who first reported on a FISA warrant targeting a Trump Tower server in November, has put forward an intriguing theory:

of how Donald Trump will be impeached, and scores of people around him jailed.

At the center of the theory is server at Trump Tower that, as the theory goes, was used to transmit both stolen Facebook data and voter profiles hacked from multiple US state databases to agents of Russian intelligence.

The Facebook and voter data was used to do sophisticated “micro-targeting” of voters with propaganda (aka “fake news) to influence the election outcome. According to Mensch:

Both Manafort and Trump knew that this targeting information was based on stolen voter databases.”

If this theory is true, as the Inquisitr points out, this server at Trump Tower holds the key to impeaching Trump and ending his term.

The theory is not pure speculation. It backed up by reporting done by Mensch, various media sources, and press releases by the Department of Homeland Security. Check out the blog post for the details. Note that access to the website may be slow, so be patient.

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