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Well, there’s nothing really surprising about this. Trump doesn’t like anyone but Trump, and of course he doesn’t care about education — his or anyone else’s.

The Washington Post:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos remains so disliked in certain circles that her very name is a punchline. She mostly lands in the news for the wrong reasons, such as being forced last month to defend budget cuts for the Special Olympics before angry lawmakers. President Trump has privately complained about her, insulting her intelligence on several occasions, according to a former senior administration official who worked closely with Trump and another senior official who is still at the White House.

Yet the president shows no signs of asking her to resign, reflecting in part his lack of interest in the issue of education and the department responsible for it. And DeVos has no interest in departing.

What must it be like to have Donald Trump insult your intelligence? I mean, any insult from Trump has to feel a little like getting blasted in the face with urine while changing a baby’s diaper, but having Trump tell you you’re stupid? That’s gotta be surreal.

Of course, I’m nothing but thrilled that Trump has no interest in education. If he did, Jesus and Muhammad would be shown jousting on dinosaurs on the cover of every science and history book in the nation. But leaving DeVos in charge isn’t much better.

Advisers say she is excited by the tasks ahead. After two years of mostly undoing the work of her predecessors, she has shifted to advancing her own agenda.


Of course, if you really want to get rid of her, put her on the cover of Time magazine with a headline that says something about her being the brains behind the Trump administration. She’ll be gone in three days.


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  1. Let’s not forget that her brother is a friend to tRump and Russia and that is why she got the job plus all the $$$$$$$ she and her husband donated to tRumps camaign


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