Rep. Porter hits back at White House claims Democrats ‘aren’t smart enough’ to examine Trump taxes


Over the weekend, Sarah Sanders took a new approach to why explain why Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns—Democrats in Congress just “aren’t smart enough” to understand Donald Trump’s complex tax filings. It’s a laughable defense and just another failed excuse in a long line of reasons why Donald Trump will not release his tax returns, as every single presidential candidate and office holder before him as done without hesitation.

California’s Rep. Katie Porter, a UC Irvine law professor who is trained in complex tax law appeared on CNN to say she’ll “take that bet.” It’s easy to see why this former Elizabeth Warren protégée is quickly becoming a rising star in the Democratic party. 

Rep. Katie Porter was a student and research partner of Elizabeth Warren’s at Harvard Law and she has an impressive resume as a consumer advocate. In 2012, then California Attorney General Kamala Harris appointed Katie Porter to be an independent monitor of a $25 billion settlement with the five biggest banks in the country for fraudulent foreclosures.

It is safe to say Katie Porter understands both tax laws and frauds. This moment was made for her. Just one more reason the 2018 election was so critical—representatives like Katie Porter are in a position to be the check and balance the Constitution demands they be.

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