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Well, well, well! GOP Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-17) had a meeting on January 3rd with the ‘Stop the Steal’ insurrectionists and told them to “keep fighting.”

“Had a great meeting today with folks from “Stop the Steal” at our nation’s Capitol. I encouraged them to keep fighting and assured them I look forward to doing MY duty on January 6,” he said, including hashtags #StopTheSteal and #legalvotescount.

Then in typical a seditionist manner he deleted the tweet on January 7th. What’s the matter Pete? Are you thinking that you got away with sedition? Are you thinking that people wouldn’t notice and you could escape further tarnishing your already bad name? Well, unfortunately for you it was noticed and Inside Elections reporter Jacob Rubashkin tweeted about your sad attempt to escape infamy for betraying the country. You gambled and you lost! You are now a known seditionist and your words prove that you have incited insurrection against this country.

Read the story here: www.alternet.org/…

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  1. See… bad enough to light the fire, but when they catch you hiding the matches… it means they know, you know, they know… your ass is so grass… when the mowing stops, we’ll be able to see bare dirt.

  2. I tried to tweet whole thing and twiotter owuldnt let me, very odd. Ultimately i was able to tweet the tweet he deleted He did same as trump no wonder he doesnt want trial.

  3. We need to hold these people accountable. Just look at trump. He made his presidency a lie riddled, law breaking, obstructionist career. And so far after four years he hasn’t even got a slap on the hand, moreover the republicans want to wrap it up and go again. WTF!


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