Rep. Ilhan Omar gives Alabama Republicans a lesson in democracy, with bonus Roy Moore slam

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“Sorry,” Rep. Ilhan Omar shot back at the Alabama Republican Party after it passed a resolution calling for her to be expelled from Congress, “but this is a representative democracy.” As in, the Alabama Republican Party is not the boss of her, and she’s out there representing her Minnesota constituents. But Omar didn’t stop with a civics lesson. She showed how far from backing down she is.

“I was elected with 78% of the vote by the people of Minnesota’s 5th District, not the Alabama Republican Party,” she continued. “If you want to clean up politics, maybe don’t nominate an accused child molester as your Senate candidate?”

Yup, she went there. And Roy Moore—again running for Senate in Alabama—couldn’t stop himself from taking the bait. “President Trump was right, she should go back to Somalia from whence she came,” he tweeted. So pathetic he couldn’t even come up with anything more than an echo of what Trump has said—but then again, if you’re Roy Moore, any chance to tie yourself to Trump must be welcome.

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2 Comments on "Rep. Ilhan Omar gives Alabama Republicans a lesson in democracy, with bonus Roy Moore slam"

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Roy just loves getting kicked around, has never learned a thing from all of it.

Sid Waxman
Sid Waxman

Roy Moore must go back to where he came from: A stopped-up toilet bowl.