Obituary / Fred Hunter's la david johnson...
Obituary / Fred Hunter's

Rep. Frederica Wilson was speaking on The View today about Donald Trump’s clumsiest and most insensitive faux pas to date, that of telling a grieving pregnant Green Beret widow that her husband, “Knew what he was signing up for.”

“He kept referring to La David as ‘your guy.’ He never called him by his name, it was as if he forgot his name. And that’s what hurt the mother so badly, the wife, she said, ‘He doesn’t even know his name,’”

Wilson was asked if Trump was aware she was listening to the call. “Well, I think that president Trump was aware that we were on the way to retrieve the body, from the airport, to bring it to the funeral home so I’m sure he knew that I was not the only person in the car. It was a limousine so I’m not the only person who heard the conversation…”

[interjected, “And Nicole was on speaker phone?”] “She was crumpled up in a ball. She weighs maybe 103 pounds, she’s six months pregnant. She had just found out that her husband would not be able to have an open casket funeral because of the condition of the body so she was grief stricken.”

“And in the car was her aunt and uncle who raised La David, my driver, the gentleman from the Army and the driver of the limousine. So the gentleman from the Army held the phone so that she could speak. And we all knew that he was going to call. And I said, ‘I want to speak with him. Let me speak with him.’ And they said, ‘No, no no no, you can’t speak with him.’ They said, ‘Why did you want to speak to him?’ I said, ‘Because I wanted to curse him out.”

[host: Mrs. Johnson is 6 months pregnant with her third child…Trump said not only “This is what he signed up for,’” but not once did he call her husband a hero. What was her response when she heard what the president said or didn’t say?”]

“This is all she said, I’m going to tell you. She said, ‘He was calling him ‘my guy’ he didn’t even know his name.’ That’s what she said. And that was all she said.”

[Host: “He said this morning that he has proof of what he actually said. You said you had a lot of witnesses in the car…who heard what he said. What do you think is his proof?”]

“President Trump is a liar. If he was taping the conversation, BRING IT ON! “

Trump will have to come up with another distraction to prevent having to resolve this one. It’s going to have to be a real doozy to push this one into the shadows. This was Epic Tastelessness a la orange.

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