Rep. Eric Swalwell makes solemn promise to Trump on impeachment

KQED News / YouTube Congressman Eric Swalwell on the Nunes 1538915354.jpg...
KQED News / YouTube

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  When something is SO true, you just don’t need to say anything else….



Oh, that made me laugh.

Enjoy your weekend, folks.

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2 Comments on "Rep. Eric Swalwell makes solemn promise to Trump on impeachment"

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Hey Donnie dim bulbs why don’t you make a perfect phone call to Elon Musk and book a seat on his next launch and really see the world ,done nothing wrong my ass

chris whitley
chris whitley

Oh don’t worry Donnie we are not like the republicans who tried for what was it 2 1/2 years to impeach Hillary using the exact rules of impeachment that you and your colleagues are protesting so loudly. And it didn’t escape my notice that one gop ahole that has protested the hearings and was eligible to attend said meetings had not attended one single one. I seen him on “Poppy”. I don’t know the show don’t watch regular TV much. Just know she was quite confused that given the opportunity to go and to question witnesses they didn’t.