Rep.-elect Ocasio-Cortez blasts lawmakers with livable salaries who are looking for free labor

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A few weeks ago, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one of her many waves when she tweeted about the complete absence of affordable housing in Washington, D.C., and how that put her, a newly elected congresswoman, in a financial bind. Very quickly, right-wingers and other intellectually vacuous supposed bootstrappers, attempted to shame Ocasio-Cortez for not already enjoying a six-figure salary or a family history that includes being floated by one’s parents. That backfired. But Ocasio-Cortez’s point at the time was not simply to gripe about housing costs in our nation’s capital, but to point out that income inequality in our country has led to unlivable conditions.

Conservatives came out of their QAnon hovels in order to tell off Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis stepped up to make another simple point.

Yes. That does limit people.


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