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The Sacramento Bee has endorsed Republican Rep. Devin Nunes eight times. This year, though, it endorsed his Democratic challenger, Andrew Janz. Nunes is not taking that—or the newspaper’s reporting on his businesses—well. At all.

Mr. Nunes has launched a full-scale attack on The Bee, calling it a “left-wing rag,” and sending out a 40-page glossy mailer that called the newspaper a “propaganda machine.” Mr. Nunes has sought to discredit The Bee’s critical reporting on his businesses. He also tried to suggest that the newspaper, in reporting on protests against him, was somehow behind them.

It’s an effective way to show that the Bee was correct to describe Nunes’s “party-above-country mode that motivates him to protect President Trump from the investigation into Russian meddling more than meet his constitutional obligations as an independent arm of government,” anyway.

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  1. Devin Nunes should be exposed for what he really is. He is corrupt as all the others in the Republican Cult. If they don’t get their way they lash out at everyone. It is disgusting to see people like him and all the cronies in the GOP suppress information and blame everything on the other party. They all have no backbone to stand for what is morally correct.


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