With all else that is going on, don’t forget that the Trump-Russia investigation continues. Josh Marshall with the transcript:

REP JOAQUIN CASTRO (D-TX): I guess I would say this, that my impression is after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail.

WOLF BLITZER: Really? And how high does that go and in your suspicion? That’s all we can call it right now.

CASTRO: Well, that’s yet to be determined.

Blitzer tries to get more specifics, such as whether this includes people from the campaign, the transition, or the current administration, but Castro, who is a member of the Intelligence Committee, carefully avoids answering. He does make clear that he is talking about more than one person, and it is as yet unknown how high this will go. Castro also indicates that this is based on evidence he has seen, if it holds up.

BLITZER: You’re confident that some Trump associates will end up in jail.

CASTRO: If I were betting, yes.

The Trump crew continues to try to change the subject, which speaks for itself. The Republican Chairman of the Intelligence Committee has done all he can to undermine not only the investigation but his own committee’s credibility, which also speaks for itself. While searching for the fire, we’re all but choking on the smoke.

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