Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was able to view the documents that spurred an “alarmed” Rep. Devin Nunes to hold his bizarre press conference allegedly the names of some Trump transition team members had been improperly “unmasked” in intelligence reports. We know now Nunes made a clandestine late-night trip to the White House to view the materials, under the guise of needing a secure location to view the classified documents. He claimed nobody from the White House knew he was there, a claim later debunked by the news a pair of White House officials helped provide the documents to Nunes.

When Jake Tapper asked about the classified information he’d seen, Rep. Adam Schiff very important questions after his trip to the White House to see these documents.

But the most important thing people need to know about these documents is not classified and it’s a couple of thing. First, the deputy assistant to the white house informed me when I went to see them that these are exactly the same materials that were shown to the chairman. Now this is a very interesting point. How does the white house know that these are the same materials that were shown to the chairman if the white house wasn’t aware what the chairman was being shown? And the second point was also made to me, this is, I think, was also underscored by Sean spicer and that is that it was told me by the deputy assistant the materials were produced during the ordinary course of business. The question for the white house and Mr. Spicer is the ordinary course of whose business? Because if these were produced either for or by the white house, then why all of the subterfuge? I think the answer may come from the president, himself, and you can say a lot of things about the president, but one thing you cannot say is he’s not subtle. And I think his tweets tell the story and the story is look over there at leaks and look over there at anything the Obama administration we can claim did wrong on incidental collection or anything else. But whatever you do, under no circumstances look here at me or at Russia. I think that is really what is going on.

Video and full transcript below:

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