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Circa July 2016 …

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Who’s “not fit” now, Donald, after you gave Russian operatives “highly classified information” from a U.S. partner who will likely never trust us with information again?

And what about leaderless wonder Paul Ryan?

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It was so “simple” back when you were floating hypotheticals about a President Hillary Clinton in the White House. Too bad for you that your unfit, unhinged, unbalanced, untrainable, undisciplined, unsuitable, unqualified, unprepared, unintelligible GOP president is a bigger security risk than Hillary Clinton’s server ever was.

Somehow, your words from last summer just seem so prescient now:

“So it stands to reason that individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ with classified information should be denied further access to that type of information.

“I want to make an additional point here. The recklessness we have seen from Secretary Clinton—this sort of cavalier attitude toward accountability and responsibility—it is not confined to one person or one government agency. It goes on every day in this administration. […]

We in Congress have a responsibility to provide oversight, and we will fulfill that obligation.”

Oh will ya, now?

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