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Bloomberg / YouTube

And it is just the tiniest bit.  It’s not a who, but a country’s what.  “A decision is out, and it’s public, sort of — it’s about a company (unnamed) owned by a country (unnamed).”

Someone got a subpoena from Mueller’s grand jury and has apparently been fighting it. It was bumped up to an appeals court, sent back down, and today was another hearing. It has all been handled very quietly and very rapidly, which has led most observers to believe that it is someone very important that was subpoenaed. Reporters were at the courthouse since early this morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of who it might be, or at least their lawyer(s), in order to find out who it is.

But then in the middle of the day, all reporters were ordered off the entire floor where the hearing was supposed to take place.


So is it Russian (Rosneft, Alfa Bank) or Saudi, or Cypriot, some other country-owned company?

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