Remember ‘If Migrants Throw Rocks, Consider It A Rifle?’ Now, Militia Men Want To Put Immigrants In Gas Chambers

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If you’re not up to speed on the back story, there’s a RWNJ group called the “Minutemen Militia,” whose purported role is to assist the U.S. Border Patrol — which they believe is overwhelmed by an invasionary force of immigrants and in need of an armed citizenry to maintain law and order. Last November, the Border Patrol was briefed not only on the issue of Trump’s fantasy caravan heading north to overwhelm the southern border, but also on the growing concern of citizens arriving in RVs and setting up camp, prepared for a skirmish. Here’s a recent communique from a New Mexico police office, who encountered a member of one of these groups, ostensibly there for the purpose of assisting Border Patrol.

The obvious problem here is that nobody knows who is who. There are splinter groups in the border militia, who are getting progressively more outrageous, as this tweet proves. To assist border patrol by observing and reporting on activity on or around the border is one thing. To have people prepared to carry out executions on the spot, is quite another.

I wrote about this in November, when Trump made yet another infamous crack, conflating rocks and bullets, and basically giving the go-ahead for violence to be used against migrants crossing the border. Here’s one story on the militia group that called the ACLU and SPLC “transnational criminal cartels.” This is a frightening world view to say the very least. Trump is just fine with it, because to him it’s all political theater. He’s safe and cozy, why should he be worried about the fact that his policies, and those of henchman Stephen Miller, are putting marginalized, vulnerable people at terrible risk?

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