I respect religious people, I have religious neighbors, very nice people, they are Republicans and very much Trump fans. I deal with them as human to human, but I avoid talking about religion. So, following on Dr. Feynman statement, my question is “How do we know that God is a man? “ . And someone says, “Because the Bible says so”. In the context of an organized religion this answer cannot be challenged. The same with many other dogmas. According to some statistics. 69% of Democrats are either atheists or agnostics, only about 21% are Republicans.  The remaining 10% probably refrained from answering (69+21=90). I agree that we should not criticize nor put down our fellow democrats who happen to be religious. I have never met in my 70 years a Democrat who belonged to an organized religion. But maybe it was because they keep their faith to themselves and never try to impose it on others. Also, I think that they enjoy the community act of going to church together. I do not believe that their beliefs, whatever they are, are dogmatic and extremist like on the side of Republicans.

After I retired from NASA I worked as a volunteer for The National Museum of Natural History in DC.

One time, a person came in and started screaming: “Why do you only teach Evolution here? how about God and Creationism?  A supervisor came out to talk to him and said “Sir, this Museum is dedicated to science, if you do not like it, there is a church, two blocks from here”.  I am sure that any Democrat, religious or not would approve. That is the difference. Republicans have gone so far right that any question about their religious dogmas cannot be challenged or else.

Another note about Dr. Feynman. He was asked about religion, and he said, “ I rather know than believe”.  I enjoyed his lectures and wisdom.

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