Red-State Covid Boom—Two Brutal Graphics

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TRUMP’S VOTER-BASE COVID HARA-KIRI CONTINUES: This map and chart show the rise in pandemic spread to Southern and MidWestern states that voted for The Donald in 2016.

As Trump whips governors to reopen prematurely, we’ll see more red-state covid saturation as the 18,000-lie Twit finagles us into a steeper national plunge into mass-murder and bankruptcy.

Brookings Institute analysis from William H. Frey (map & chart from that report):

“While many large metro areas in all regions registered high COVID-19 prevalence, there was a bigger shift to populations in smaller places and, increasingly, nonmetropolitan counties particularly in the South and Midwest.

Covid political map, May 10 (red = Donald 2016):


Covid political trend, May 10:


Rate of Red-County Infection Accelerating

From March 30 to April 19 (three weeks), 440 Trump counties went into high covid prevalence—more than twice as many as the 215 Clinton counties that did so.

During the next three weeks, April 20 to May 10 (Mother’s Day), 548 more Trump counties got real sick, over five times as many as the 102 Clinton counties that did so.

And thanks to Donald’s selfish-minded recklessness, there’s very little stopping this—until all counties are highly infected.

Update: For the week May 11-17, infected Trump counties increased by 149, while the Clinton county total added just 25.

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