October 22, 2021

Senator Mitt Romney                                                                                                                        

104 Hart Senate Office Building – Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202-224-5251 – FAX: 202-224-6331 – 801-524-4379

Dear Senator Romney;

In your October 18 – October 22 “Weekly Recap,” you claim that “Democrats in Washington continued their chaotic, scrambled efforts to put together a reckless spending bill.”

That ‘reckless spending bill’ is Build Back Better, which reduces costs for child care, health care, higher education, housing, and prescription drugs, invests in clean energy, education, workforce training, and reduces taxes for families with children and workers without children.


Not for working folks and their families who don’t have millions of dollars or enjoy oceanfront views.

You further claim to be focused on “the troubling state of the national debt.”

It is ironic that you, who supported the Republican 2017 tax bill demanded by wealthy Republican donors like Brendan Bechtel, Diane Hendricks, and Richard and Liz Uihlein, and other individuals and corporations, who were ultimately rewarded with tax savings to the tune of multi-millions of dollars and added some $2 trillion to the national debt, now claim to be focused on “the troubling state of our national debt.”

On Build Back Better, you conveniently ignore the following crucial facts:

We wonder —– If lobbyists, donors, and you and your Republican cohorts do manage to kill Build Back Better, will the quality of life for working Americans and their families be better?

If so, how so?

Do you have the courage it’ll take to answer either of those questions honestly?

I guess we’ll have to wait to see —— or will we?

Regards, Davy Z Jones

Dear Reader: Please feel free to send a copy of this letter or a reasonable facsimile thereof to your honorable Republican representatives in or about Washington, D.C., with my compliments. At least they’ll know you’re watching.

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