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If Donald Trump is the mythical friend of the working man, Roseanne Barr is some kind of a mythical faux feminist, what she called in 1990 “a sort of postfeminist mud pie in the eye to the Super Mom Syndrome.” In both cases, Trump and Barr, utter ignorance is characterized as virtue and cocky vulgarity rules the day. Barr’s show is being rebooted, but with one key difference for 2018: Barr, on the show as in real life, is a Trump supporter. The Atlantic:

This week, Roseanne returns to television, 30 years after its October 18, 1988, debut on ABC. Controversy has already surrounded the new season following the announcement that the title character will be, like the outspoken star Roseanne Barr herself, a Donald Trump supporter. Fans of the original questioned the reboot’s decision to get so overtly political, but Barr defended her decision to create “a realistic portrait of the American people.” Likewise, the show’s executive producer, Bruce Helford, has promised that the series will depict “something that doesn’t really exist on TV anymore, which is an honest family.”

Roseanne had become the most popular show in America by its second season, but its star was quickly turning into one of the country’s most controversial women. In 1990, Barr’s infamous rendition of the national anthem, complete with crotch-grabbing and spitting, even prompted President George H. W. Bush to call her performance “disgraceful.” Barr’s off-screen antics put her in the crosshairs of the conservative press. A 1990 article in the National Review called her “the Hulk Hogan of feminism,” accusing her of perpetuating “a form of vulgar reverse sexism.”

Now here’s where it gets nuts. Barr has no idea who Trump really is or what he stands for. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with the New York Times:

Considering that Trump opposes many of the principles that you and Roseanne Conner have stood for, how can you support him?

No, he doesn’t, I don’t think he does. I don’t think so at all. I think he voices them quite well.

I’m thinking of abortion rightssame-sex marriage rightslabor protections —

He doesn’t oppose same-sex marriage.

He doesn’t favor it. He has not come out in favor of it.

He does. Yes, he does. He has said it several times, you know, that he’s not homophobic at all.

What about labor union protections and blue collar workers, and

What do you mean, the — oh, let’s not get into this.

[A representative for Ms. Barr interjected: “You don’t have to get into it. We can move on.”]

Like the typical Trump supporter, Barr has no idea where Trump really stands on any issue, she just has a vague impression that he’s a great guy. Shock value and know-nothing are the watchwords of the day now, with Trump in the Oval Office and Barr back on the tube. This is a major step towards normalizing Trump. The culture war just escalated.

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  1. Well, if Barr is part of Trump’s base I don’t think we have much to worry. After all, ignorance is a strength in their mission to make ‘America Great’. Stay dumb and happy and let the rest of the country worry about problems..Donny has it all covered.

    • I worry about this show. Supposedly in the premiere last night it was established that Roseanne and Dan voted for Trump out of “economic anxiety.” This is worrisome because it keeps pushing the narrative that the economy was bad and Trump came in to fix it. The economy was built up since the disastrous Bush years under the guidance of Obama and all Trump has done for the economy is make the rich richer with his tax cut bill.

      This spreading of ignorance is very worrisome to me. Talk about fake news, now it’s being romanticized in a sit com. What’s next, Trump, The Motion Picture?

  2. I get sick looking at Trump face, I have to go to the toilet and vomit, he is so ugly, nasty, please don,t show his face any more. why he has to comb his hair like a girl, and why he has to round his lips so nasty. He is going to get in dip trouble if he does that where only man are present. Trump go home and enjoy your dirty money before be to late.

    • I think we’re all sick of that face, but you have to admit, Alec Baldwin has used it to great comic effect. Silver linings, etc.

  3. I agree. Just like when Jimmy Fallon brought him on during the campaign and tussled his hair, that normalizes his brand. And yes, if you bring, on ABC, trump supporters on a comedy just vomiting every lie this government tells as truth, this just spreads the disease to the naïve looking for a nighttime laugh. These shows do shape American views.
    I know ABC is just looking for content, but they were the network to feature the inside of Trump family after they won the presidency. Maybe their is some conservative money overtaking this network.

    • I went berserk the night Jimmy Fallon tousled Trump’s hair. I was screaming at the television set. I was not the only one, apparently, to feel that way because Fallon caught holy hell for that incident. People were sending him hate mail. Fallon said that he was a real people pleaser and that he was trying to make nice nice with Trump because of all the controversy, or some bullshit to that effect — but I doubt he’ll ever do anything like that again, given the same position.


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