If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win.

Relax, my Alzheimer’s hasn’t finally taken over, and neither has my CRS. These were three separate days, six separate speeches at rallies, and one common statement.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and all kinds of other highly paid fools who make a comfortable living by making us think they actually know what’s going on in somebody else’s head have long talked about things like the stages of grief, and the stages of loss. And in his public utterances this weekend, I think we can all agree that Trump has finally settled on the one that they all call acceptance.

Now, don’t get me wrong. In every instance, Trump mentioned losing almost as a throwaway line, and in every instance said as part of a longer running joke. In one rally Trump said something like Sleepy Joe is the worst presidential candidate in history! If I lose to him, I don’t know what I’m going to do! Losing to the worst presidential candidate in history? I might have to leave the country, I don’t know, what do you think? But the more pertinent question is, when in the past has Trump ever even jokingly referred to losing? 

Actually, quite a lot. Go back to 2015, and the GOP primaries, Trump regularly raised the dread specter of his own demise in the electoral process. And in 2016, against a heavily favored Hillary Clinton, he again regularly raised the topic of his electoral defeat. And in 2020, trailing Joe Biden right out of the gate, even before Biden had officially announced his candidacy, Trump referenced the possibility of his defeat.

But in every, single one of those instances, there were two critical words that followed, and they were the two words that gave the entire sentence meaning and context. And those two words are It’s Rigged! Trump regularly terrified his followers with the possibility of his imminent defeat if they didn’t come out and ensure his victory, but he always inserted that caveat. If Trump lost, it wasn’t actually his, or his voters fault, the system was rigged against them from the start.

But those two simple words were never uttered once in any of the six speeches this last weekend and today. Those two simple, exclusionary words, that would give him ground cover for a negative result in the election, never escaped his lips. And from what I saw of the crowd reactions in the speeches, they took the whole thing for the joke that it was intended to be, without ever realizing the subliminal import of what he was actually saying.

But the simple fact that Trump didn’t bother to say out loud the words It’s Rigged! said something much more important to me. It says that Trump knows that he’s losing. And not just by a little, but by a lot! And he is starting to realize that when the results start to come in on election night, it is quite likely that the actual results, if not the final results, will be known before we all go to bed. Those massive lines of voters standing in line for 6-12 hours in every battleground state that he’s currently losing in, are waiting all of that time to vote for him.

Which tells me that Trump’s inner, infantile, chickenshit self is once again rising to the fore. Trump is not going to be calling on the goddamn Bugaloo Bois, or the bed sheet bandits, or the goose steppers to surge into the streets to make things right. Trump will come with implausible after implausible reason for his loss, but the simple fact of the matter is that the stupid bastard has never actually understood the hidden furies that he has unleashed. To hi, it was always just a political game. He is just to stupid.

14 days to go. Teri and I are going on Wednesday to vote early here in Vegas, and I’ll write about it when we get back. But please, just fucking vote! And pester every sentient being you know with a valid voters ID card to get out and vote. We need to keep these early voting record numbers to keep showing up until we breast the tape on election day at 150 mph. Nothing else matters. GOTV!!!

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  1. Reality will not have set in until he is deloused, has been cavity searched and placed into his prison issue orange jumpsuit. Then and only then will reality have set in. Remember that while voting blue!!!v o t e Blue while you still can!!

  2. As of today, 31 million have voted, Dems are outvoting Reps at least 2 to 1 in early voting… We were hoping for 70 million by election day, we could pass 100 million. With early counting, that could moot the election by 5 PM, Nov 3rd. Put it so far out of reach that nothing under Gawd’s Heaven could change a thing.

    Don’t get complacent. There’s plenty left to do. Volunteer Calling in swing states, its fun, its educational, as the old punchline says, leave no turn unstoned… When Donny comes down the Escalator on Election Eve, this time, its to tell the shallow end of the nation’s genepool, he’s taking a long vacation.

  3. I’ve been visualizing the vile cult leaving OUR W.H. for yrs. The chickens ???????????????? are almost home and it’s making me feel light-headed.


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