READ: Lincoln Project Lawyers Shoot Back An Epistle Of Their Own


Holy intimidation, Batman! If Jared and Ivanka were freaking out before, they are losing their damn minds right about now. The Lincoln Project retained a Washington, D.C. law firm and they shot off a three-page annotated response to Marc Kasowitz’ threatening letter from Friday. It starts out, “peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster.’

Read the entire thing. This is cutting. My favorite line is the one about Jared and Ivanka turning their attention away from criticism and to the COVID-19 situation, “which is worsening, under their inept watch.” Woooot! That’s going to get them upset.

I’m actually grateful to Jared and Ivanka for doing this. This is just throwing multi colored sparklers on the train wreck which is the Trump reelection campaign, and the flame out of this kkklan is going to be absolutely pyrotechnic.

Maybe Donald Trump can bring a few “hydrosonic” missiles to the party. No, he doesn’t know that Hydrosonic is a toothbrush and that hypersonic, is what he’s thinking of, when he talks about missiles that are “faster than a quick missile.”

If you missed that idiocy, here it is now.

I hope that they all get the book thrown at them in court, and I hope that the Lincoln Project suit is leading the pack — if Ivanka and Jared are stupid enough to pursue it.

Let’s take a poll:

  1. Jared and Ivanka will drop the suit, because they’re cowards;
  2. They’ll pursue the suit, and hope that it goes all the way to a stacked supreme court;
  3. They’ll ask Marc Kasowitz to take them to another planet; *
  4. Something else.
  • I’m obsessed with Marc Kasowitz’s resemblance to Exeter in This Island Earth. I don’t care of it’s a cheap shot, I find it amusing.


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Love it! Love it! Love it!




They will get Barr to defend them