Rat In A Trap

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts as he arrives at a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., April 21, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTX2B46Z

I’m caught in a trap…I can’t walk out   Elvis Presley

When last we saw our intrepid hero, the corona-virus was spiking at will, daily deaths are now in the triple digits instead of single digits, even GOP Governors are telling him to shove it up his ass, and the Dow is still 8 k short of its zenith. And what is Mongo Beyondo’s forceful, decisive response to the evil forces besieging him?

Well DUH! Why, he has his lawyers send out a bunch of stupid cease and desist orders to a bunch of television stations. No shit. He just did that.apparently Trumpelthinskin is upset over a new Democratic Super PAC ad. The ad is biting, showing the slow, steady upward curve of the corona-virus while the soundtrack if a greatest hits of Trump’s empty platitudes about the virus. Trump claims that the soundtrack is doctored because he never called the corona-virus a hoax. Of course he did, Sean Hannity doesn’t make that kind of shit up all by himself. On the positive side, at least Trump is taking action, since he hasn’t yet been able to figure out how to have his lawyers sue the coronavirus.

That is just one of a series of reality free steps that Trump is taking or contemplating, to deal with his greatest crisis, namely his reelection campaign. Trump is now also considering splitting the country into two parts, high risk zones, and low risk zones. This would allow him to at least partially hold true to his nonsensical wish of reopening at least parts of the country for business by Easter. The problem with this Play-Doh approach is that there is a 14 day lag from infection to severity of symptoms, nobody knows what will be a hot spot in 14 days. Remember? Two weeks ago, New York was just seeing the start of the rise that led to their social distancing measures, while Washington state was the focal point of contagion in the US.

There are two reasons why Trump has deviated from reality based thought into these wild swings of fancy regarding stupid television ads. The first one is the fact that Trump truly suffers from a terrible attention deficit disorder, he can’t even concentrate on Stormy Daniels for more than 10 minutes. But more importantly, Trump is about to become even more distracted, since we just got some numbers that are going to throw his reelection campaign into almost as big of a crisis as the corona-virus.

No doubt about it, the corona-virus is as serious as a heart attack. But as of this moment, in a nation of 325 million people, there are 84,268 cases, give or take the next few minutes. The fact that there is little concerted national response to try to rein in the pandemic, as well as the incredible ease with which it spreads is terrifying. But the greatest effect nationally from the virus is the disruption of everyday life, with shelter in place orders and the closing of things we are used to doing and seeing every day of our lives. Not everybody in the country in the country knows somebody with corona-virus, but even people who are not under lock down know friends and relatives that are.

Earlier today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics put out a number that must have had Donnie Depends waddling for the changing table. First time unemployment claims came in at a staggering 3.25 million, after having been at something akin 288,000 the week before. And most experts believe that this is the tip of the iceberg. They are predicting something close to a 20% unemployment rate by the time this is over. At the height of the 2009 financial crisis it capped at right around 11%. And Trump has spent more time huffing the unemployment rate than he has the American flag.

As scary as the corona-virus is, those that are doing their part by  following the social distancing and shelter in place rules can have at least a shaky faith that it will pass them by. But for those already unemployed, insolvency, bankruptcy, and homelessness are every bit as terrifying as the corona-virus. And even those fortunate enough to be able to work from home, or work for essential businesses can only worry about when a decreased demand for their services drops the hammer on their head.

This is the trap that Rattus Trumpus wandered into. He violated the cardinal rule for presidents on the economy. Keep the economy at arms length. If you take unequivocal credit for the good, then you’re gonna take the shit when it goes bad.
Trump and his merry freebooters have almost no control over the unemployment numbers, and only minimal control over the economy. While the economy has stabilized over the last few days, once the stimulus package passes the House and is signed, it will be back to pretty much all negative news again. And all it takes is one statement from His Lowness to send the markets on another kamikaze dive for the bottom.

Look, the corona-virus is the keystone, the end-all. And yet, with the crisis worsening by the day, Trump was distracted to an unwise public reaction by a stupid television ad. In another week to 10 days, the unemployment ads are going to start, and they’re going to make the corona-virus ad look like the 4th green at Trump Doral. Everybody in the country whose last name isn’t Trump already understands completely than any return to normalcy is to defeat the corona-virus, that’s job one. Full stop. And having a president who is taking his eye off of the corona-virus ball because he’s distracted by his personal political fortunes, is not the kind of leadership they’re looking for.But Trump hasn’t given this crisis even half of his attention since it started, and as his political position worsened, it’ll get even less of his attention. Twitter took this fool to the top of the mountain, and it can knock him right back off of it again.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

As if Coronavirus isn’t enough, we have to start another day with Trump still in existence. Damn!


If the virus was a building it would have the tRump brand written in block letters on it’s walls.