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If you’re a Canadian team made up almost entirely of Americans that play in a predominantly American league and you win that league’s championship, should you visit the White House?

Well, not if the pr*sident is as patently un-American as our ochre abomination.

And, yes, that appears to be the answer the Toronto Raptors are giving, if the opinion of Raptors forward Danny Green is any indication.

The Washington Post:

“I just don’t think that we accept,” Green said Saturday during Yahoo’s “Inside the Green Room,” speaking of his opposition to Trump’s policies and views. “And I try to respect everybody in every field that they do regardless of how crazy things are. But he makes it really hard. He makes it very, very tough to respect how he goes about things and does things.

“To put it politely, I think it’s a hard no.”

Will his teammates follow suit? Well, so far no NBA team has visited the White House during Trump’s regime. The last NBA champs to visit were the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Obama administration. In 2017 and 2018, the Golden State Warriors declined to show up.

In fact, two years go Trump “disinvited” Stephen Curry after the Warriors superstar had already said he wouldn’t attend.

And — hold onto your hat — Trump responded with a callow, petulant tweet:

Which prompted a memorable response from then-Cavalier LeBron James:

It’s a shame these players are missing out on the experience of a lifetime just because the pr*sident is a noisome pig of a man.

Then again, they have plenty of McDonald’s in Canada, so what’s the point of crossing the border, really?


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