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Sen. Rand Paul is a terrible person. He’s always been a terrible person, who attracts terrible people. This is a man that has said that most people receiving disability benefits are “gaming the system.” So, whether he is lying on national television about how Obamacare has forced his wife to wait on the phone for hours with insurance companies—she has his Senate insurance plan, to making bad gay jokes in order to attack gay marriage initiatives, Rand Paul is a real hypocrite’s hypocrite. But he’s not simply similar to Donald Trump in his hypocrisy. Rand, like Donald Trump, is the mediocre child of a crappy bigot.

Recently, an effort from the Rand Paul family to blame Sen. Cory Booker for telling citizens to “get up in the face” of their elected leaders, has hit the media landscape. Paul’s wife, Kelley wrote an op-ed to defend and protect her husband from all of these protestors flooding the capital over the confirmation of possibly rapey, and clearly middle-of-the-road talent Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Rand followed that up on Tuesday, in a chat with Leland Conway on iHeartRadio Tuesday, Rand said this.

I fear that there’s going to be an assassination. I really worry that somebody is going to be killed and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation, they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence.

That’s interesting Rand. Sounds scary, Rand. Remember this, Rand?

Now, in Rand’s defense, he’s had to face some actual violence in recent years. In June of 2017, Rand Paul was on the field, when a man opened fire, shooting Rep. Steve Scalise during a congressional soft ball game. Rand was also the brunt of an alleged assault by one of his neighbors in November of last year. Of course, as much as the right wing of the country is trying to spin the narrative that it’s “extreme leftists,” like Antifa—Rand Paul’s attacker seemed to have a feud about lawn management and community standards.

Of course, Rand once had this exchange with presidential candidate Donald Trump.

[Rand Pau] “Do we want someone with that kind of character? With that kind of careless language?” Paul said about Trump. “I think there’s a sophomoric quality about Mr. Trump … about his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat ugly.”


[Trump] “I never attacked him or his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there,” Trump said.

That was followed about a year or so later with Rand Paul leading a delegation to Russia as Donald Trump’s waterboy. Rand Paul’s statement about fearing aggressive rhetoric brought out some truly patriotic responses. Some funny, and some much more serious, like this one from the father of Parkland, Florida, school shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg.

There was also the reminder of what a raging bigot Rand Paul really is.

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