RAGING Malignant Narcissism: Trump Whines that ‘the Supreme Court Doesn’t Like Me’

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With each new day there is new evidence that Donald Trump is descending into an abyss of paranoia and mental infirmity. These are symptoms of malignant narcissism, along with acute sociopathy, unchecked aggression, and delusions of grandeur. It is abundantly clear that Trump is unfit for office and represents an imminent danger to the nation and the world.

Trump is freaking out again on Twitter. This time his tantrum was triggered by the Supreme Court ruling that his attempt to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was “arbitrary and capricious,” and therefore unconstitutional. He unleashed a stream of tweets complaining about the decision without offering any legal basis for his position. However he did tweet this very revealing message:

Well, do you? More likely you get the impression that Trump internalizes everything as an attack on him personally. It’s the sort of obsessive whining that he has actually bragged about and has become emblematic of his irreparably fractured and intensely flawed personality disorder. He has also explicitly complained in the past that All I see is hatred of me.”

One of the most consistent features of Trump’s character (or lack thereof), is how predictably and viciously he will turn against anyone who isn’t unflinchingly loyal and slavishly adoring. That has been observed in his broken relationships with former staffers (Kelly, Mattis, McMasters, Tillerson, Sessions, etc). It has also been seen in his love/hate relationship with Fox News.

Most recently Trump has turned against his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton. In a series of Thursday morning tweets, Trump ranted that Bolton’s book is “a compilation of lies and made up stories, all intended to make me look bad.” Notice that Trump is again consumed with how things make him look. But his assertion that the book is “pure fiction” destroys his case that it contains classified material.

Trump also elevated his hostility toward the Supreme Court decisions into a bizarre screed about the Second Amendment tweeting that the decisions “are shotgun blasts into the face of people,” and threatened that “we will lose our 2nd. Amendment & everything else.” This, of course, is simply a wild swing at corralling his most rabid base-dwellers with nothing but blatant fear mongering. Which is likely to work on the few remaining dimwitted Deplorables who worship him as their Messiah. However, the imagery of faces bloodied by shotgun blasts as an argument against the Court’s rulings is not likely to appeal to most Americans.

The Supreme Court has surprised many people with its decisions on DACA, sanctuary cities, LGBTQ+ rights, and the census. But the Court remains a conservative body with a 5 to 4 right-wing majority. Trump should be optimistic that most of their decisions will fall into the conservative camp on party line votes. But because he isn’t getting 100% submissiveness from the judicial branch, he is bellowing frantically about the loss of “everything” and begging his cult to support him at the ballot box in November.

The only problem with that, from Trump’s perspective, is that everything he is doing and saying is driving voters farther away from his candidacy, as well as those of other Republicans running for the House, Senate, and state and local offices. Right now Donald Trump is the best campaign ad that Democrats have ever had, even if it is painful to watch and live through.

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5 Comments on "RAGING Malignant Narcissism: Trump Whines that ‘the Supreme Court Doesn’t Like Me’"

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Marie Tobias
Yeah, it’s pretty funny… So which is it, Donald… Are Bolton’s accusations lies, or are they completely and utterly Top Secret Classified, because they can’t be both. If its a lie, there’s nothing to classify, you don’t classify lies. If they’re classified, then they must be true. If true, you’re a criminal, and trying to hide behind the false classification of lawless behavior won’t fly. So which is it, Donald? Pick. Donald’s behavior is literally reflexive. He knee-jerks from one disaster to another because he has no choice. As Bolton has pointed out so clearly. He has no plan. He… Read more »

Well how many documents were recently transferred to the deep dark secret code computer closet. We are still waiting to see those and the
unredacted Mueller report. I will buy the book.
And yes a lot of people hate him with good reason but he has two of his kind on the not so supreme court and a few standing on the line. I don’t think anyone on the court hates him. I think they are just trying to survive until January.


The Supreme Court doesn’t like you? Nobody likes you Donald, you’re toxic.


WTF the presidency is about LEAD not like.

Surya-Patricia Lane Hood
Surya-Patricia Lane Hood

No, the majority don’t like you and for good reason. The ones who do like you are as mentally ill as you are; Alito, Cavanaugh, Gorsuch, Thomas and at least two of these four are perverts.