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Somewhere In Toronto / Flickr

Another mis-spelled tweet with a derisive nick name from the tiny thumbs of Donald Trump. Robert DeNiro now joins the pantheon inhabited by Adam Schiff, Bob Corker, Chuck Todd and many, many more.

Oh, and Maxine Waters is a low IQ individual as well, she’s included.

Interesting to note that Michael Avenatti alone remains above the fray, because as he said, Trump is afraid of him and Trump knows Avenatti will “hand him his ass.”

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  1. De Niro is spot on. Trump is a well known liar.

    At this point, until anyone sees NK actually abandon their nuclear weapons program, Trump put on a TV show where he spewed soundbites to make sure that this event looked like he was achieving something important. It was orchestrated to make Trump look like a success… Presumably to offset what appears to be a Meuller investigation string of indictments that is heading Trump’s way, and may ultimately bring down this pseudo Presidency.

    Further, if NK is bullshitting Trump in the same way that he bullshits us, this big media event may have the direct opposite effect for America, for South Korea and for Japan… In the same way that the previous debacle in the EU also undermined our relations with Canada, France, the UK, Germany, and the entire G7… Both of which play directly into the plans of Russia and China.

    So yeah. I’m with Robert De Niro until proven wrong.


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