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Steve King is openly racist and the whole world knows it. It’s not as if he’s made any attempt to hide his hateful,  xenophobic, racist, Nazi-sympathizing agenda since he first entered public office in 2003; indeed, quite the contrary.

Well, a brave young man hit him hard and had him squealing long and loud like a stuck pig. He completely lost it! Had the subject matter not been so deadly serious, it would have been exhilaratingly funny. You just must watch this exchange. Listen for the “Sir, stop it! You’re done!”

The student’s name is Kaleb Van Fosson and The Intercept has the encounter transcribed here.

“The terrorist who committed this crime, he was quoted as saying, ‘they bring invaders in that kill our people, I can’t sit back and watch our people get slaughtered,’” Van Fosson said. “You, Steve King, have been quoted as saying, ‘we can’t restore our civilization with other peoples babies.’ You and the shooter both share an ideology that is fundamentally anti-immigration.”


“If you don’t have a white supremacist worldview, then why did you travel to Austria and meet with a white supremacist organization?” Van Fosson interjected.


“But do you identify as a white supremacist?” Van Fosson asked.

“Stop it!” King yelled, his voice breaking.

This has been a tough week for the racist. He’s been reprimanded by his GOP House campaign chairman, lost the sponsorship of some of his biggest contributors, saw donations pouring into the coffers of  J.D. Scholten, and now this.

Kudos to the young man who took him on. He’s the hero of the day.

If you can, show some love for his Democratic opponent:

Iowa 4: J. D. Scholten has a shot to rid the nation of vicious, racist scumbag Steve King!

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