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Rachel Maddow joined Jimmy Fallon Thursday night on his show  and she said that Donald Trump’s NFL tweeting madness was done to make money — despite the humanitarian crisis brewing in Puerto Rico. NBC via Flipboard:

“This was paired with an advertising campaign by a PAC that supports him,” she said. “It was followed up immediately with a fundraising effort that the RNC sent out telling people they should send money if they stand with Donald Trump on the NFL. This wasn’t him just popping off on Twitter.”

 She continued, “He decided he was going to make a racially divisive issue out of something going on in sports. They planned on it, they built a whole campaign around it, and then he launched it.”

 Maddow also made the point that whether or not you care what Trump thinks about the NFL, that it was “outrageous” that he spent the weekend tweeting about it while Puerto Rico was basically drowning. “Three and a half million Americans in Puerto Rico, and the president was really preoccupied with trying to make a racial issue out of the NFL while he wasn’t doing anything about that,” she pointed out. “And that, I think, is going to stick, and I think that’s going to be in his history, no matter what else he does.”

Making money by ginning up a racially divisive issue is bad enough. To do it while 3.5 million Americans languished in the dark without even the basics of life, food, water and sanitation is unconscionable. As the Mayor of San Juan said earlier today, “this is not a good news story.”

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