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I will be buying this book.  If you’d rather just read it, than listen to the sweet tones of Rachel:  disloyalthebook.com/…  Michael Cohen has done horrible things to so many people.  And I don’t know if he has real regrets about that.  But I do know that he will reveal Trump to the world with his book.

And that’s enough for me.

Mary Trump knew the Trump family.

Michael Cohen (consigliere to the Shit-Stain himself) knows Trump.

Here is Rachel Maddow reading from her advanced copy of his book “Disloyal”


And here are a few teasers………

The host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC on Thursday read excerpts from Michael Cohen’s forthcoming book on his time working as Donald Trump’s lawyer and fixer.

The book, “Disloyal: A Memoir. The true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump” is set to be released before the November election.

Cohen released the forward to his book online, which describes allegations of deviant sex acts — and a backchannel to Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, the hashtags for “Urine Trouble Trump” and “Golden Showers Trump” trended on Twitter after Cohen’s allegations.

Cohen also described receiving hundreds of death threats after flipping on Trump.


Urine big trouble, Mr. Trump.

Took me about 5 seconds to get it.  
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  1. For a man who either can’t or doesn’t read, Donald has generated a near library section of books published in just under 4 years. I want just one more book published 2021, it’ll have the title “It was us or Trump… Somebody had to Go… So it was Trump…”

  2. Everyone who ever worked for the Trump administration has written a tell-all book after leaving or being fired and all of those books have sort of scratched the surface but have never really come to anything and frumpy trumpy has always been able to deflect any perceived damage, but now along comes a book that I personally think will blow the lid clean off the trump administration and the damage will be so bad that no amount of deflection will be able to stop the American people finally getting to the real truth and that truth will come from Michael Cohen and if the forward of the book is anything to go by then as they say strap yourself in for a bumpy ride because this is going to be great this close to the election


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