Rachel Maddow: Someone Shopping Forged NSA Docs to Media

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Rachel Maddow has not disappointed with her teaser from last night. Her show received a “document” purported to show a Trump campaign member colluding with the Russians to interfere with the election. The only little problem is that it is a forgery!

Her staff found the hidden fingerprint that identifies the printer and serial number (yes, every color printer has one) that is the same as the one on the already published NSA docs stolen by Reality Winner, a contractor for NSA. The doc she received also has other markings from the Winner doc. In addition, the doc violates NSA protocol, such as naming an American citizen.

Maddow points out that this appears to be an attempt to discredit the news media and she clearly offers this as a red flag to other media outlets!

You can watch the show here:

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