I’ll admit it, I’m really struggling here. Even when I was younger, I didn’t suffer fools very gladly, and now that I got my official old fart decoder ring in the mail, it’s gotten even worse. But when it reaches the point where I can’t even watch the President of the United States step behind a podium without wanting to put a paper bag with two eye holes in it over my head, I fear I’m getting close to requiring an intervention.

It seems only yesterday that leaders of other countries stood at a podium next to our President, and glanced over at our President with respect and admiration. But, watching the President of a small Baltic country glance directly over at our President when she spoke the words “even erratic leadership” when discussing the importance of NATO, you get a pretty good barometer of just how far we’ve fallen on the world stage in only 14 months.

Where to start with this litany. How about this. The Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia. and Estonia stared straight forward like they were getting blood drawn at the doctor when El Presidente Pendejo patted them on the head like good little puppies for tithing their 2% dues to NATO. Puh-lease. Not counting seacoast, all of the borders of these three countries are with each other, and Russia. They’d hold national telethons once a year to scrape up their NATO dues if they needed to. But the last thing that these three Presidents, who rely on NATO for their very survival want to hear, is Trump threatening to walk away from NATO if the rest of the deadbeat countries don’t pony up.

Likewise, when you run a small country which would make a nice tea time snack for Putin, and you’re well ware that Putin has already swallowed the Crimea whole, and is fighting a proxy war with Russian mercenaries in other parts of Ukraine, the last question they want to answer is “Wouldn’t it be nice if we got along with Russia?” Their answer is shorter than Trump’s attention span. And it tore me up to watch these three leaders answering intelligent questions with studied, cogent replies, while our own Glorious Bleater prattled on like the Rosslyn Village Idiot.

But Trump has more stupid than a 5 yo in the back seat of the car has questions. Somebody at Fox and Friends must have had a brain fart, cuz suddenly Trump is talking about having military troops safeguarding out southern border. Umm, no numb-nuts, I don’t think so. Maybe a pervert like you thinks that “posse comitatus” is Latin for a gang bang, but in reality it means you can’t use federal soldiers for domestic US law enforcement. People, especially mouth breathers with AR-15’s tend to get itchy when they see US soldiers marching down main street. Bush Lite and Obama both used troops for logistics support on the US-Mexico border, but they were National Guard troops, under control of the state Governors, and they took no part in actual law enforcement on the border. Even in Ferguson MO, and New Orleans, riot control was done with National Guard troops, under Governor control. I do not envy Jim Mattis having to tell Trump that this particular present wasn’t under his tree this year. Oh yeah, and he also said again that construction of his “great border wall” had commenced, despite the fact that his own department said that it was wall replacement for a fence that had been going on for 9 years.

OK,next on the hit parade. Remember the 2016 campaign, when Trump repeatedly said at rallies that, “I will be the greatest jobs President that God ever created!” Trump prattled on again today about his brewing trade war with China, which will not only cost jobs, but will likely cause inflation to start to rise. He’s having an infantile pissing contest with Jeff Bezos, so far causing about a 10% drop in Amazon stock, and wanting to punitively cancel several government contracts worth billions with Amazon, quite possibly leading to a sudden stop in hiring at Amazon, and if the damage is bad enough, even layoffs. And now his EPA Secretary, Scott “Special Interest” Pruitt wants to roll back Obama era emission and mileage rules. This may save the US automakers money in the short term, but ecologically minded buyers will go with comparably priced, cleaner and more efficiently running imports instead, and the US cars may well not be able to pass EU and Japanese emissions and mileage standards, making them ineligible to export.

Now for one more inspired act of stupidity. Trump is whining that Amazon is taking the post office to the cleaners, and that the USPS is losing $1.50 for every package it delivers for Amazon. First of all, regulations require that every contract that the USPS signs for bulk service be profitable for the USPS, so no, Jeff Bezos is not driving the postal service broke. But guess what Clueless Wonder, you wanna make the USPS profitable again? You don’t have to hammer Amazon with higher rates, bringing up shipping costs for US consumers shopping at Amazon, there’s a much easier way. All you have to do is to order congress to rescind the law they passed back when they were desperately hoping to privatize the USPS over to UPS, DHL and FedEx. What law? The one congress passed in 2006, forcing the USPS to “pre-fund” the pension health benefits program, instead of starting to pay health bennies when employees retire. This means that the USPS is required to make pension health benefits payments for employees who won’t retire for more than a decade, making it almost impossible for the USPS to turn a profit, considering they don’t get a sou in federal funding for their operation. Want ’em to start making money again, let ’em go back to paying employee benefits when the employee retires.

And this is all in one day! If my “Trump fatigue” continues, I’m gonna need life support pretty soon. And the worst part is that it’s early yet, we still have Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity to survive yet before Trump runs out of thumb twitch inspiration. Maybe I’ll go and take a nap.

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