Jacob Chansley has supposedly seen the light when it comes to Donald Trump:

Earlier this week, before Donald Trump left office in disgrace, he was heard consoling himself by saying that his fans still loved him in spite of everything. But it seems one of his most notorious and crazed supporters has abandoned him now that he no longer wields presidential power. The legal representative of Jacob Chansley—better known as the “QAnon Shaman,” who burst into the U.S. Capitol wearing furs and Viking horns—has said his client feels cheated by Trump. Referring to his client as “the guy with the horns and the fur,” attorney Al Watkins told the St. Louis NBC News affiliate KSDK: “[Chansley] regrets very, very much having not just been duped by the president, but by being in a position where he allowed that duping to put him in a position to make decisions he should not have made.” Chansley was arrested days after the riot, and last week he begged Trump for a pardon—but it never came.

Translation:  Oh Shit!  I’m going to face REAL prison time for being part of Trump’s insurrection!

If Chansley really said this and it is not just his lawyer making shit up, I’m loving this.  Chansley is not some harmless nut.  There is video of him strutting his stuff and sitting in the Senate’s President seat.  And he just didn’t break in and strutt.  Chansley left a threatening message for then Vice President Mike Pence:

Chansley, a navy veteran and follower of QAnon, allegedly left a note for Mr Pence warning: “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.” QAnon is a conspiracy theory that casts Mr Trump as a saviour figure and elite Democrats as a cabal of Satanist pedophiles and cannibals.

Judge Fine on Friday called Chansley “an active participant in a violent insurrection that attempted to overthrow the United States government” and feared he was a danger to the community and a flight risk.

As she made her ruling, Chansley interjected and tried to speak but the judge cut him off, saying he should avoid making statements.

I’m sure Chansley was going to say something profound in his defense.  And I am reasonably sure it would be something defiant because Chansley had another delusion besides belief in Qanon.  Chansley asked Trump for a presidential pardon.  His lawyer’s argument is, “Dude was invited by Trump!”

The lawyer, Albert Watkins, further argued that “Given the peaceful and compliant fashion in which Mr. Chansley comported himself, it would be appropriate and honorable for the president to pardon Mr. Chansley and other like-minded, peaceful individuals who accepted the president’s invitation with honorable intentions.”

Peaceful.  Compliant.  Right.

Imagine that Trump didn’t deliver on a pardon for Chansley.  A real shocker there.  Who did this guy think he was?  Paul Manafort?  Steve Bannon?

And it is ONLY after his savior didn’t deliver for him with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card that Chansley is like, “I’ve been duped!”  This is what you see with criminal white collar criminals like executive officers of Enron.  “I’m too stupid to be a criminal!” is the cry when caught.

Fuck him.

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