Q: “Have you ever been to a social function with Jeff Epstein and underage girls?” Trump: ‘crickets’

Yes, it’s another million-dollar golf weekend for Individual-1 in New Jersey. Only those lacking virtuousness are impatient. #JusticeIsComing

Cohen files unredacted

 Trump committed crimes (conspiracy and felony campaign finance violations). Based on the Michael Cohen search warrant documents released yesterday it seems that Hope Hicks may have been knee-deep in the conspiracy to make illegal hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and…
3. may have lied about her knowledge and involvement. We also know that Don Jr. was involved in cutting checks to reimburse Cohen for the illegal hush $ payments Cohen made for Trump. So with all this nefarious/criminal conduct why has the SDNY not brought more charges?
4. The SDNY is a strong, fiercely independent and appropriately agressive prosecutorial shop. As a result of that independence they’ve earned the somewhat tongue-in-cheek nickname, “The Sovereign District of New York.” They‘re not timid about charging wrongdoers. So…
5. what explains the fact that thus far there have been no additional charges? A few possibilities: stating the obvious, the ill-advised DOJ OLC memo says we can’t indict a sitting president, so it’s no surprise Trump is not (yet) indicted for the crimes he plainly committed…
6. How about Hicks & Don Jr.? Perhaps there’s insufficient evidence to charge them for participating in the conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws. Or perhaps Bill Barr is figuratively stepping on the necks of the SDNY prosecutors in effort to help Trump and company…
7. But there may be something very different going on here. Maybe there’s a tactical reason for waiting until the time is right to indict. If Hicks and/or Don Jr. was indicted now, Trump would almost certainly pardon them. But …
8. if the SDNY waited to indict Hicks and Don Jr. until the day Trump leaves office then, voila, no pardon available. The SDNY prosecutors are not tactical slouches. I’m pretty confident they have a battle plan in place to minimize the risk of pardons for wrongdoers…
9. What appears to be inaction or timidity of interference by Barr may ACTUALLY be a thoughtful tactical approach to crime fighting. As a prosecutor, that’s how I’d play it. Given the dedicated, hard-working fed prosecutors of the SDNY, I choose to believe #JusticeIsComing

Cohen has ties to Epstein as well:


EXCLUSIVE: Married Israeli politician Ehud Barak is seen hiding his face entering Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC townhouse as bevy of young beauties were also spotted going into mansion – despite his claim he NEVER socialized with the pedophile and his girls

  • In photos obtained by DailyMail.com, Ehud Barak is seen hiding his face as he entered Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in January 2016
  • The 77-year-old, Israel’s former prime minister, has long had business ties to Epstein, which current PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s team is now trying to exploit
  • Barak was wearing a camo-style neck gaiter which he pulled high over his face almost to his glasses and later, he was wearing it as a hat
  • Barak admitted the photos are of him, blaming his bizarre attire on being cold, but claims he has ‘never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls’
  • However, a bevy of young women were also seen going into the multi-millionaire’s lavish home on the same day that married Barak was snapped
  • Epstein, 66, was arrested last week and charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex


And then there’s George Nader, who truly needs to be squeezed over some other matters.

Because some racists will try any manner of triangulation to convince you they aren’t one.

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