Hi, Peeps! Maybe we all had TOO many unexpecteds in the past four years, but now, hopefully, our surprises will be more fun!


But first, here is a gentle reminder of how we do things:

Pooties are cats; Woozles are dogs.  Goggies are dogs, too. Birds…are birds!  Peeps are people.  PWB Peeps are Pooties, Woozle, Birds People.  Neat, huh.

Do not “Troll” the Pootie Peeps Diaries.

Whatever happens in the outer blog STAYS in the outer blog. This is a place to relax and play; please treat it accordingly.

If you hate animal diaries, leave now.  No harm, no foul; these aren’t to everyone’s taste.

You are welcome to share photos of your own animals, or ones you just like.

If you would like a pic from the comment threads, please ask the poster.  He/she may have a copyright to those pics.  Many thanks!

If you have health/behavior issues with your pootie or woozle, feel free to bring it to the community.  We just may have someone whose experience can help.

There are some pics we never post:  snakes, creepy crawlies, any and all photos that depict or encourage human cruelty toward animals.  These are considered “out of bounds” and will not be tolerated.

If you’re not sure about an issue…please ask.  Someone is always glad to help.

Although we yearn for dull routine

Another morning commute.. sigh…

We often get the unforeseen

“It’s great camouflage — in a forest. So sue me…”

The hours do not tranquilize

“Okay… what’s going on??”

When each one brings a weird surprise

Not a Centaur… a Caninaur?

The odd things come, both large and small

“I’m putting a spell on these leaves…”

then something comes to top it all

“I hereby gib my blessin’ to dis diary….”

Life is quite strange, but let’s be tough


Don’t let it get us all afluff

Dis is me before coffee….

The world is stranger than we suspected

Dere’s other empty seats — you don’ want dis one

So it’s best to expect… the unexpected

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